Our innovative furniture collections introduce a new
interpretive philosophy dedicated to the Office environment.
Express the idea of a creative and dynamic design oriented
the intelligent and personalized spaces.
They are the expression of a thought "friendly" which exceeds predefined schemas and to move closer to the emotional scope of the user.

Dividing walls and equipped

The most innovative technology and high design meet the simplicity and naturalness of the glass: the spaces are dressed in transparency in order to create functional and architectural solutions create unique environments. Elegance and comfort, charm and quality are the proposals designed to meet the most different requirements and ensure maximum customization possible.

Office chairs, collectivity, auditoriums, cafeterias

As part of office seating products we specialize in operational, managerial and meetings.
The proposal to the community instead includes seating, tables and accessories for furnishing waiting rooms, lecture, meeting, auditorium in the fields: hospital, office, hotel, airport, naval, schools, universities, catering, cafeteria, reading, librarian, congressional and domestic.

floating floors-suspended ceilings-stucco

Stucco, ceilings and special items in plaster for indoors and outdoors. Metal ceilings, stone finishes and special elements. Raised access floors with special covers as porcelain tiles, parquet, marble, granite, natural stone and reassembled. We provide engineering from Concept Design to implementation of construction drawings.

Hotel furniture, design, custom, General contract

In the course of this decades-long experience in the design, the company also develops and consolidates a strong experience in the world of contract services. To realize the projects of architects and studies or with his excellent team of architects, engineers, technicians and graphic designers, we are able to make small or large deliveries or interventions for private or public, as well as renovations, renovations and supplies designed furniture tailored to hotels, libraries, airports, hospitality, museums, private residences, auditoriums and offices as well as in the shipbuilding industry.

materials & objects

Starred for years in furniture and design with the distribution of materials high in innovation, which integrates with advice on land use and applications. Point of reference for architects, designers and companies, the company is distinguished by its ability to anticipate trends through a careful look on the international production. A search always online that allows you to select the most interesting proposals for possible uses and aesthetic.

Traditional And Visual Communication Interactive                          

Communicating visually is the transmission of a message via an image. The image communication allows to reach the maximum communicative effect in the shortest possible time, thanks to its strong power booster, often to its immediate comprehension and ease of storage.

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News lcd Walls

Here is the new on-off LCD technology applied to glass walls

novità seduta      eco-compatibile

Task Chair EN 1335, 5 year warranty, transpirant mesh back with replaceable upholstery

    Classe 2.0

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